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Brief: Create a Digi-Double of a sculpture for use as an NFT

Clients: Sophia Van Wyk  |  Innovation Summit 2022  |  Jared Aufruchting

"In 2017 Sophia was selected for a three-month-long bornze casting residency at The Falconer Foundry, near Moii River in Kwa-Zulu Natal. She created 'On Fertile Ground' at the artist residency. 'On Fertile Ground' is a Digital Twin of a physical Bronze (black and bronze) sculpture with a painted wooden base (52 x 42 x 49cm) paired with its NFT."

Final 3D NFT File (.GLB Format)

This 3D file can be displayed and used digitally on almost any platform, and is a true to life representation of the original sculpture, from the material properties, all the way to the relationship of scale between the wooden base and the bronze sculpture itself. Use your mouse or finger to pan around, zoom and rotate around the model.

3D Animation - Breakdown

A turntable animation showing the breakdown of the file in the 3D world.

Image Captures

The Digi-Double was created using a mixture of Photogrammetry and traditional 3D modelling techniques to further finesse the base mesh.
The material properties have been baked in to the file it self in order to give the most accurate representation - these are the images used.
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Material Files

The captured images are used to create a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) digital material, consisting of the Albedo (Colour), Roughness, Normals and Displacement maps. These were further tweaked inside Photoshop and Cinema4D to reach the most accurate results.
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