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Brief: Customize a VW Caravelle for Activations - Create 3D Vehicle Renders for the 'On Another Level' Campaign

Client: Full Circle Agency  |  Russian Bear

Russian Bear is a multi-award-winning premium vodka that has been setting the bar for quality vodka for several decades, including winning a number of local and international accolades. It’s rooted in urban culture and built from the streets up. Collaboration is in our DNA and it’s all about collaborating with the people who matter most, the fans, the artists, the creators, the innovators, the dreamers, the mentors, the change-makers, the boundary pushers and those who persistently ask themselves what’s next and try to find the Next Level of the Next Level.

3D Stills - Cara Cara

Renders of the customized Cara Cara Complete with interior and exterior tube lighting, removable foosball, DJ booth, disco ball, mini fridge, media screens and branded rims.
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