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Brief: Art direct the website - Create 3D Product Renders and collateral graphics

Client: Made by Eden  |  Oneo Digital

"Powerful VR tech for everything from memorable brand experiences, marketing innovation, product presentation ideas, exhibition stands, events and innovative sales pitches to education and healthcare. Eden's Virtual Reality solution takes young patients and their families on magical VR journeys, providing support and education in the hospital"

3D Animation - Scrollable Product Reveal

Hero product reveal animation which is scroll reactive on the homepage of the website.

3D Still - Hero Shots

Renders of the 'Snacker' (Handheld VR Headset and wireless charging Cradle), touchscreen 'Station' and Display plinth.
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3D Stills - Feature Renders

Renders of specific parts of the products for the features section of the website.
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'Station' Screen Graphics

Graphics showcasing the experience that has been chosen on the 'Station'.
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3D Stills - Composites of Use Case mockups

Representing uses of the product, from placement in museums, showrooms and galleries to use in education, health and even forensics.
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3D Stills - Initial style and conept renders

Unused process renders that were completed before achieving the final look.
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