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Brief: Primary Logo and basic collateral design for a Jewellery/Pawn shop.

Client: SmartPrep Tutoring by James Langer

"Body Botanika is a factory and store based in Cape Town which offers an assortment of quality cosmetic products."

(It is important to note that since the date of production, 'Body Botanika, Cosmetic Factory Shop' has merged with their sister brand 'First Look Fragrances', but is still its own entity and brand, known simply as 'Body Botanika'.

Primary Logo

The logo is formed of the B’s in Body Botanika, to create a balanced, clean and symmetrical symbol, resembling a butterfly - seen in many cultures as a symbol of beauty, endurance, hope and life.
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Typeface Usage

Utilising three weight variations of the 'Unifrom' typeface to compliment the simplicity and balance of the logo.
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Colour Usage

The deep cream gives the viewer a sense of sophistication and reliability, contrasted with a saturated grey tone bringing maturity to the brand.
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Business Cards

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