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Brief: Conceptualise and render a lead visual for a brand new, proudly African cigarette brand, specifically its Honey-Mint variant

Client: Bittersuite Agency  |  Legacy Cigarettes

"We offer clients both locally and internationally world-class marketing solutions customized to address their specific needs. Our 360° approach combines strategy, technology, and design to achieve simple solutions for brand objectives that actively drive growth."

The Legacy brand already has its lead visual for its Premium Red and Premium Blue Variants. This brief was for its new 'Switch: Honey-Mint variant'.

3D Still - Final Scene Render

Through the conceptualisation phases, my client (BitterSuite Agency) chose this as the final scene - a combination of natural greenery set in a surreal scene, lit with deep blues, and an array of abstract elements representing the flavour notes of this cigarette variant, such as gold for the honey, and frosty ice for the mint. The shapes of each element are directly related to those used in the patterns of the packaging itself.

(The scene was requested to be rendered without a product shot, for ease of compositing at a later stage.)
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3D Stills - Initial Concept Renders

Unused process renders, showing the progression from the first to last, including wireframe views, as well as a rudimentary product packshot for placement purpose. (The actual packaging artwork was not finalised at this stage yet).
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3D Stills - Material Study

Upon completion of the initial conceptualisation and ideation phase, a set of elements and materials were selected and approved according to the following material study, showing detailed characteristics of each, from frosty to clear ice, honey-like liquids, gold and more.
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3D Stills - Isolated Elements

Upon request from client, a set of isolated visual elements were rendered seperately, for use in other media and compositions, to ensure a consistent look throughout.
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